Hi – my name is Peter Koning and I’ve been fascinated by ecommerce since I got involved on the “net in the mid-80’s.

Peter Koning, BC

Peter Koning, BC

Although I’ve been online from before the www was even a twinkle in Tim Berner-Lee’s eye, I’ve also been interested in international business and distributor networks.

Over the last 3 years I’ve reviewed many affiliate management platforms from a detailed feature point of view and created the internet’s largest interactive database of affiliate solutions.

This site further extends this resource by allowing you – affiliates, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and affiliate managers to have your say.

This site, AffiliateSoftware.net, is intended to be a user-contributed content site for reviews and ratings of affiliate software and networks.

Software that is for affiliates to use is also acceptable, but the main focus is for affiliate platforms that merchants use to set up affiliate programs of their own.

Each entry can be commented on with your rating. For the “Value” criteria, make sure you realize that more stars = good which means lower cost/investment.

This site will list affiliate software and networks, and invites you to give your ratings of them from a subjective (support/service) and objective (value, features) point of view.

To keep the rating categories to a minimum, I’d suggest “performance” can be included in Support.

If you provide a review/rating, you will get a link back to your site directly from the review.

Also note that no anonymous posting is allowed, as in many cases I want to allow the vendors to comment on the situation. This is to increase the value of the information of this site, and not allow “whiny complainers who are the fault of their problems” to reduce this site into a moan-fest.

Terms and Conditions for this site are still pending but for now this is the main point I want to make as most sites allow anonymous posting.

Btw your email address will NOT be revealed to visitors – just to vendors in case they request them.

So if you are a:

  • Merchant: I suggest you link back to your affiliate program info page
  • Affiliate: Link back to your affiliate site
  • Anyone else: Link back to your site/blog

I look forward to seeing your contributed review and ratings.

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