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To submit a review of an affiliate management platform, first check the list of solutions to the right.

  • If your fave (or not so fave) is listed, scroll to the end of its reviews and you’ll be able to add your own.
  • If you know a solution that is not currently listed on, and you’d like to leave a review for others to read, we’d be happy to list it. Leave your review below, making sure you mention the product and/or vendor, and we’ll create a listing for the product and move your review to a listing as soon as possible.

If you provide a review/rating, you will get a link back to your site directly from the review.

So if you are a:

  • Merchant: I suggest you link back to your affiliate program info page
  • Affiliate: Link back to your affiliate site
  • Anyone else: Link back to your site/blog

I look forward to seeing your contributed review and ratings.

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